Tuesday, November 29, 2016



I felt a bit rebellious

I didn't put my seat-belt on

I drove a long way ... I was a little nervous... Careful... I watched the cars and stayed in my lane

driving on a dark curvy road
...don't want to be too risky though
  ...so, i put back on my seat-belt
    ...ahhh, that's better
      ...comfort again
        ...in tact again

most cars go around me
  i stay in my middle lane...
move to the right...
  speed up a little
    too many cars passing

my dad didn't wear his seat-belt once
...got in a wreck
  ...broke his neck
    ...ruined his life
      ...can hardly walk now
        ...constant pain... can hardly turn his neck...

it hurts to see him...

he gave me a wrist-watch recently...
  called and said he had about 10 of them and wanted to know if i wanted one
      i said "sure"
      i'm wearing it now

"X Alert!" ..."KA Band!"
...my radar detector speaks to me
  ...i hit the brakes - don't see any cops
    ...cars are passing me still
      ...i've got my seat-belt on
        ...i move to the right lane

i got pulled over once
one day before i had my radar detector
a friendly cop pulled me over

- he told me to get out and put my hands behind my back
he snapped his metal handcuffs onto my wrists
he put me in his car
we left my car on the side of the road - highway 290 - on the way to work
he took me to jail -

he said, "too bad... you seem like a nice guy"
(my license was expired or something - i didn't know it...
  some glitch in the mailing system...
    my fault.
      my problem.)

he left - i haven't seen him since

they frisked me
  they signed me in and took my stuff out of my pockets
they took away my shoes
  they put me in a cold concrete holding room
  with other guys - who were bad also

they gave me a blanket
  there was a small plastic window
you could see the cops doing stuff
  they couldn't hear you
  we inside were all sad

i drive slow now
i watch for cops
i wear my watch

i didn't wear my seat-belt driving to work today - for awhile
i wanted to be risky - and a bit defiant
i snapped it on after a mile or two
i enjoyed it though - i was awake for just a bit

i returned to my fearful norm - finished my drive to work
awake for a few moments - just a few
free - and awake
alert - and alive

but i wear my father's watch now
...i guess it's my inheritance
   ...it reminds me of him - and keeps at bay
      ...the temptation to live