Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bulldog Warns Me About Stray Bulls - Good Dog! Bad Cattle!

I thought she was barking at the deer. As I stood at the back window watching the herd of deer down below, and a few of them taking notice of my American bulldog's deep-throat warning, she kept barking from the side porch off more to the North. The deer slowly started feeling spooked and eventually split off into two packs and trotted--one back to the woods, the other south down the river. My dog came in eventually but was hankering soon to go back outside. I let her out again and she just sat on the east porch giving a continual stream of warning barks.

I finally figured I better check what it was she was barking as and my wife peered through the trees and said, "That's not deer. I think those are horses."

So I got dressed, left my breakfast and grabbed the camera to check it out. Taking my dog, I discovered four steer in front of the cabin enjoying the wife's flower-bed. My bulldog was happy to see them meander on down the hill toward the river. I don't know whose cattle they are and I'm not a cowboy with a horse that can go round them up. I guess I'll just wait till next time I hear my dog's bark--and try to respond a little sooner.

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