Friday, December 27, 2013

Spy Gear is Cool

Spy gear is cool. A six-year old boy with spy gear is really cool.

Battery-powered suction cups that can hear through walls. Dark sunglasses with mirror sides to spot bad guys trying to sneak up on you. A wrist watch that communicates by constantly beeping. Sylvan was showing me his spy gear he had gotten for Christmas.

I tried to think of something cool and spy-like I might have to impress him. My heavy-duty stainless steel bracelet given me by my friend John, symbolic of brotherhood and commitment, was on my wrist. I showed Sylvan how this powerful bracelet, if flashed in front me with Kung-Fu quickness, could stop a bullet headed straight for my heart. "Wow...", he whispered as his eyes grew bigger. My wife chuckled out loud--overhearing us in the kitchen. We both looked at her audaciously as Sylvan replied, "Oh, you laugh, huh?" with a mocking somber tone.

I told him about my secret spy cap (--given me by my wife and Millie, apparently for fishing at night.) It was an ordinary looking cap. but with a secret button that shot out two beams of powerful lights to be used for spy action. I gave him time to forget as he ran around the house doing spy stuff and placed the cap on my head.

We thought we heard something in the upstairs bedroom. You never know. It could be bad guys trying to infiltrate our mission. Sylvan and I quickly (with our gear) scampered upstairs. Opening the door it was dark inside. We bravely stepped in anyway. "It's dark in here. There could be bad guys," I alerted. With the quick wit of James Bond I hit the secret button on my cap. Lights flashed on. I was in control and quickly scanned the dark corners. "All clear," I announced. As Sylvan realized my spy cap and savvy spy skills at hand we exit. I hear him whisper to himself, "Nice."

I asked Sylvan where he got all this spy equipment, thinking surely an interesting story could be generated. "Target," was his terse response. In a tone of, like ... I should have already of known this. (Uh, duh!)

Sylvan suspected what might be a camera in the corner of the kitchen outside the window. Someone was probably trying to spy on us. I asked him who it could be. Possibly, the NAOBs (Nasty Association of Bad Guys)? Maybe the World-Wide Terrorists Against Kids group? The KGB? (I was thinking surely one of these witty organizations my mind came up with would be the culprits.)

He replied, "No. I think I know who though."

"Who, then?" I asked desperately.

"This kid I know at school," he told me.

"Oh," I said.

I later remembered one more item I had in the library. A normal "looking" book, that when opened to the right page revealed a secret compartment.

I offered to show where I keep my secret power bracelet, but we had to be careful the others didn't see us. (He was surprised I ever took it off. I told him I think it was pretty safe around here right now.) As we snuck upstairs (using our spy equipment as needed) we approached the hiding place. I got it down and dramatically placed my power bracelet within. His eyes were large with amazement and ponder. Such an ordinary looking book -- designed with such utter spy coolness!

Now we had to replace the book without anyone seeing us. He stood guard and announced to the other adults downstairs, "There's nothing going on here! No kind of spy stuff or anything going on up here!" They looked up at us in reply.

"They're watching us. We can't let them see us put the secret spy book back," I said.

"You guys don't look up here!" he shooed the other adults down below to not look.

We replaced the book in the library and went on about our spy business. He kept his eye on that spot in the library the rest of the night. The book blended in so well looking just like any other normal book. You never can tell what cool stuff might be hidden just beyond the covers of a normal looking book.

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