Sunday, October 13, 2013

Who would you be if not you?

Alexander the Great --the great conqueror of the world, once told Diogenes -- a street-living philosopher who lived in a barrel surrounded by dogs, that if Alexander he had to be somebody besides himself, he would choose to be Diogenes.

Alexander the Great offered to fulfill any request Diogenes might ask of him. 
And Diogenes asked him to simply step aside from blocking his sunshine. 

If I had to be another person, it would might be Keith Richards, Winston Churchill, or Ayn Rand. The greatest of these being Ayn Rand of whom I think was possibly one of the most creative thinkers since Leonardo De Vinci.

Actually, I too think it would be most desirable to have been Diogenes the Cynic. I fear we may be much alike.


(Full version of the Diogenes and Alexander the Great encounter.)

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