Monday, September 2, 2013



I experiment all the time and nearly in all things: fishing, body movement, musical instruments--everything! That's what makes life interesting and full of possibilities. I am always assuming that the one great truth or break-through is simple and right before our eyes. I am convinced that we can't see it due to the blindness of culture, past events, and generally just being locked into "the way it's always done" illusion. The power to create is damned because we close our eyes and minds and take fruit handed to us.

Stretch your body in different ways; eat more, less, different; drive a different route; fish with different lures, make your own lure, or put it on backwards; think weird thoughts; walk backwards; invent things, if they don't' work - oh, well!

Stop assuming everything's been figured out already, or someone else already knows the best answer.

I am convinced that the simple fishhook (angles-bent, barbs, etc.) has yet to evolve to its highest form. And once it does, it will (only after the fact) seem intuitive, simple, and obvious. This same level of technical superiority has yet to be found in many, if not all aspects of living. And it can only be discovered by ordinary people experimenting.

Chinese medicine with acupuncture developed over centuries by experimentation. There was no knowledge of the Chi meridian paths till they were found by experimenting. Who would've thought? Needles!? Invisible energy!?

The weed-whacker, yoga, dog breeds, continents and worlds are all discovered by experimenting. Test the water. Don't look to someone else! Try something! Anything! There are no experts - only discoveries to be made!

Mitch Sanders
April 19th, 2002

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