Monday, September 2, 2013

Be A Builder. Make A Home. Find Primal Satisfaction.

There's nothing cooler than building your home.

I've had two homes built for me - where I picked out the plans and details and had someone else build them for me. I've taken one old house where I and my father-in-law rebuilt the interior and attic and made a home. (I was 21 and getting a wife.) I've built one cabin on my own (with my wife's and her dad's help when I was poor) from dilapidated lumber of an abandoned cabin.

My present efforts are the first time I have designed from scratch, and then proceeded to find the money and either build a house myself or find and pay someone to do aspects for me - things like pouring a 2,000 square foot slab or working out the architectural details on paper. And with the help of my wife and friends who have lent me tractors and tool-pouches and ladders and labor, I have done most everything else. Everything from pulling stumps to installing the electrical wiring - to floors, paint, plumbing, appliances and ceilings. (Framing though was done by Juan Manual Ponce, a genius and an angel.)

Achieve doing this once in your life. It is a requirement for fundamental satisfaction. It can be done. And I've been doing it. No other satisfaction has come close to this. Nor maybe ever will.

Most animals build their own homes. Modern man tends to hire other men to build it for them. It has not always been that way in history. See what it's like to to build your home and live in it.

There is primal satisfaction in doing so. Man was meant to build. And to build a home is mysteriously fitting for a man's search for the pride of who he is meant to be. Try it and find out yourself.

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