Friday, November 4, 2011

A New HR Program for Employees Career Goals

A "friend" of mine works for a company that recently published a new program designed for the "employees" to lay out there "goals" for a career. The employees were asked to fill in their career job goals with dates and expectations to help them achieve these career goals (i.e. different jobs within the complany.) I think this was all in response to employee complaints of being stagnant in their careers. (Like HR cares, huh?)

This was his email reply back to his team.

I like how he describes the double-bind of "If your career doesn't advance, it's your own damn fault" from HR. I like how he back-peddles at the end too.


I must say … that to honesty come up with and fill out “start dates” and “due dates” with hope while weighting the progress on specific career choices is something more in the realm of angst-delivered assignments given from our old high school counselors.

In reality, I believe the greatly logical Spock himself couldn’t fill this out with any self-scrutinized integrity. J

Don’t get me wrong. I mean it looks good in theory.
And obviously HR spent lots of money on this goal-tracking program—for their “human resources”.
So if it fails…. I know it will be my own fault.

I’ve seen these kinds of formulaic solutions to complex issues though many times and have doubts if reality-checks are thoroughly applied.
I’ve yet to see careers actually develop this way.
Then again , maybe that’s not the true purpose of such a program.
Maybe it is to only give the illusion that a mechanism is now in place and only losers will not be able to make it work for them.
If your career doesn’t develop, then you obviously didn’t fill out the forms right.

Maybe I’m completely wrong.
Oh, I hope so. A mechanical process to develop my human career! How wonderful!

Here’s to fun and light-hearted enjoyment with my fellow workers!
(Come to think of it….. that’s all I ever really wanted in a job I think anyway!)

(Please, don’t take me too serious, otherwise HR will get mad at me. And you know how bad that can be for a career.)