Tuesday, October 25, 2011

accelerating returns of the accelerating returns

I’ve seen this video.. it is somewhat interesting and at least gets across the sense of what “exponential” actually feels like and mean….. this kind of thing and the fodder around it should be standard High School viewing if not 8th grade.


Which brings up the philosophical question of “what does an education really mean in this day of ‘Google-everything’ instant knowledge”?


I mean, what are we teaching kids in school knowledge wise that they aren’t capable of teaching themselves with a few clicks and searches. What actually IS knowledge in an environment like this? I mean with a smart-phone in my hands there isn’t anything it seems that is impressive when spoken at a party. How does this evolve? How does one find worth in knowledge when for a few pennies and the bandwidth anything is Insta-knowable (made the word up here)…. J


Or has all knowledge now just become the post-modern everything is equal and therefore of no value matter of opinion. Consider the Keynesian vs. Laffer (Curve) (or use Austrian Economics if you will) “knowledge” controversies debated at the highest academic ranks but watered down to snippets of clichés between the left and right American politics each using the “knowledge” to make substantial policy decision affecting millions of people in very real ways. Where is the “knowledge?” Can I Google, “What economic theory comes closest to economic reality?” Where is the freaking science ???!!!???


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