Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Visiting a Snake Temple in Penang, Malaysia

Having lunch in Penang, Malaysia, and quickly walking next door to the Snake Temple. We bow at the altars of incense before we go in, then look around and see loose, live, Wagner's Vipers hanging around the temple. They are highly venomous with very long fangs but believed to not strike within the temple due to the incense that subdues them. I don't trust this theory and keep a leary distance.

We look around, see a monk meander by, then walk next door to the snake farm and visit some of his critters which includes a 22 foot Reticulated Python found locally, and several other snakes including a couple of King Cobras (in pictures with Mitch bending down, and one coming out of a box). Mitch gets to pull out a large Burmese to show his fellow employees who are standing far, far behind me.