Friday, January 21, 2011

American Kitchen is back online!

After lots of people got after me for having American Kitchen offline for so long, I resurrected the old post and brought it back to life. My former host lost all my pictures but I was able to save my text thanks to, a terrific long time stable blogging tool. So I hope my old and new readers once again will enjoy America Kitchen - the Revisited edition. Let me know.

I've been reading Critical Thinking by Richard W. Paul and it truly is an excellent book. Actually I got it free also on some special download but don't see if available like that any more. You might search around and find it still. If I find it I'll post up the link.

I've been looking at my thought processes and reasoning itself in a whole new light. I'm almost inclined to finally disagree with Blaise Pascal  (from his pro Christianity classic book Pensees), my long time anti-reasoning classical advocate of faith in faith, and distrust in reason.

You can download Pascal's Pensées free to your Kindle here.

Also, if you don't have a Kindle, at Amazon you can get a free desktop application that does the same thing. That free download is here. I got this first and started downloading free books and reading them before I got Kindle. I'm reading all the great classics from Charles Dickens, Tolstoy, and Sinclair Lewis to new guys like Ambrose Bierce that wrote the enticing classic American book--The Devil's Dictionary. Which by the way you can also download free here.

Other latest news, in case you didn't notice, my is also up and running again.

I've also started a little publishing house company called Bee House Publishing or Bee Publishing for short. Of course my first book published in digital download is Whiteboy Blues, my own autobiography written in 2002. I advise getting the Kindle copy instead of the only other used copy I've found available for $49.50 I hope to expand this sometime if I live longer and do anything else interesting this second half of life.

In the near future I'm planning on publishing an autobiography from a friend who lived as a child in Cambodia through those horrible war torn years. Some of her stories are amazing. She's working on it now.

I'll be back to my old wiley ways of blogging shenanigans again I guess. And yes, I've fallen prey this time around to the god of Capitalism and am trying the Google AdSense advertisers as well as Amazon. We'll see how that works. No promises. My last 10 years of blogging I kept American Kitchen completely free from all advertising on the old anti-commercial sentiments common to us early Web-Heads in the 90s.

It's interesting how this web advertising works. If any of you bloggers are curious I'll post up some feedback on how it's working for me also.

And dang, I'm back to trying remember all my HTML again. Some things never change.

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